Which is better Traditional or Digital Marketing?

Which is better Traditional or Digital Marketing?

There is a debate going on what is most suitable for the marketing and promotion of your business the traditional or digital marketing. This is a tough decision to make but there are certain points which will help you to make up your mind.

Marketing is the vital aspect of the business and you can never ignore. A smart entrepreneur will make a separate budget for the marketing of his product. There are two generations living today one generation population does transactions only online while another part does not yet know how to use the internet. But, you can consider things and make the decision of online advertising vs. traditional advertising. You have to know the pros and cons of both and see how it applies to your business. Compare the benefits of Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing and then decide which mode of marketing you need more.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is the conventional marketing technique that has been used since the beginning of marketing and advertisements. This includes different mediums like television, newspaper, radio, flyers, and billboards by the roads and highways.etc.

What is digital marketing?

Digital or online marketing is the marketing technique to promote a product or service with the use of the internet including different internet mediums. Digital marketing includes platforms like social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.etc.There are many benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.L et us discuss one by one in detail.

1. Cost-effective than traditional marketing

The traditional methods like newspaper ads, television ads, etc are very costly to execute and lots of money is required to set up such marketing. But on the other hand, Online advertising is something even growing entrepreneurs can afford. So, even new entrepreneurs can have a startup because of the cheap cost price for online marketing. This helps to expand business across the boundaries of age and finance.

2. The result is quick and in real time

In traditional marketing, you have to wait for weeks, sometimes even months to analyze the result. But with the help of digital marketing, we can access our customers more easily and in quick time. You can see everything in real time including the number of visitors, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc.

3. Brand image development

 Digital marketing and traditional marketing statistics can be measured but one thing these statistics don’t take into consideration is the brand image. It is very easy to make a brand image through digital marketing. This is mainly because with the limited space and frequency of advertisements with traditional marketing. There is a whole website instead of a column on a newspaper page for business. You can set fresh things to people whenever you want by the help of a blog or a Page on social media. By this, you can create a consistent image for your Company. This is something which is not possible in traditional marketing and will also help in branding your business.

4. Higher exposure for the product

 It is very difficult to claim that a television ad or an advertisement in every newspaper is covering the majority of the population in a particular area. The reach of traditional advertisement is limited to a certain locality. Whereas online advertisement reaches out to the entire world so every news or information is delivered to everyone across the globe.

5. Higher engagement of audience

 In case of traditional marketing, you cannot really interact with your target audience. You need to wait out for the responses to come and then you can plan your next move. This is a long and tiresome process. Online marketing allows you to engage your audience in real time. With the help of this, you can interact with your audience and discuss a lot about your brand or Company immediately. As this is two-way communication so this demands more engagement from both side. If You want to engage your customer you need to be prepared to invest time into it.

6. Immediate promotion

 As all these actions are happening in real time it results in you to get instant publicity. If you are not getting the response you instantly know that this particular ad is not working for you. In this mode, traditional marketing lacks a lot. In traditional marketing, there is a chain reaction of shares and comments helping you reach a new audience. You can get a good immediate promotion for your product which is not possible in traditional marketing.

7. Easy to product analysis

 It is very easy with online marketing to know what is working for you and what is not working with the help of google analytics. You can analyze the current scenario and measure the inbound traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit, and the general trend of the interested audience, etc all in real time. This helps people using online marketing ahead of traditional marketing. In traditional marketing it very difficult to analyze the current scenario of the market and what the customer thinks of your product.

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